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6 Pants You Need In Your Wardrobe


Fashionable Jeans

A durable pair of Wranglers serve a purpose, but every man should own a pair of jeans that offer more than functionality and comfort. A fashionable pair of Jeans are easily the most versatile pair of pants you can own, capable of being word in casually for daytime activities, at night at a trendy lounge,  a Michelin Star restaurant, or even at a variety of business meetings and engagements.

What makes Jeans fashionable? Balance and color. Stick to darker shades and more conservative washes. Holes, excessive fades, and light colors work well in nightlife, but don't have as much overall use. I favor medium-dark blues. In terms of cut, avoid bootlegs or extremely skinny jeans. However, slim is in, so you should be looking for cuts that fit close but comfortably around the thighs and don't leave too much slack around the leg. Straight leg usually works best.

Dark Slacks

Jeans have become so mainstream that they are acceptable a wide range of semi-formal and business occasions. However, there are going to be situations where a suit or tuxedo isn't mandatory, but jeans can't be worn. For these occasions and others, you'll want to have a pair of dark slacks.

Without a doubt, Khakis have a place in a mans' wardrobe, but dark colors are almost always more versatile. Tan colored pants look less formal, especially with light color shirts, and since the main purpose of slacks is to take over when jeans simply wont cut it, the ability to look more formal is important.

I recommend dark grays, dark browns, or black with subtle pinstripes. Avoid pleats, and keep the fit snug but not "skinny jeans" tight.

Non-Athletic Shorts

Pretty much everyone has a pair of shorts for the gym. However, a surprising many don't own a single pair of 'regular shorts'. A pair of khaki or chino shorts are a staple item you'll want to have in your wardrobe. These shorts aren't just suitable for the golf course. Non-athletic shorts are extremely convenient for outdoor activities and are considerably more useful than a pair of basketball shorts which aren't suited for many outdoor events and gatherings.

Khaki and Chino shorts can be worn with a wide range of footwear and look good with more than just a t-shirt. If you want to wear flip flops and a t-shirt with Chinos, you can. If you want to wear loafers and a polo, you can. Don't force yourself to wear jeans in 90 degree weather because mesh shorts are too casual for the occasion.